How do I know my size?

-Please refer to the sizing guide in the menu drop down. We are not responsible for the wrong size ordered. Please make sure to measure your nails accordingly before hand or purchase a sizing kit.

How long does it take to process and ship?

-Current processing time is 3-7 days due to the nature of the nails being handmade. Orders may be completed sooner based on incoming order volume and work flow. 

-Depending on the shipping method, you should receive your nails in 3-7 business days after it has shipped. A tracking number will be provided. Shipping may be longer due to COVID-19 and carrier operation adjustments. We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or misplaced packaged. Please contact your local USPS office for shipping issues or concerns. All orders ship from Florida. 

Do you ship internationally?

-Unfortunately I am unable to offer international shipping. It will be offered in the future.

Is glue and other accessories included?

-Yes! Your kit includes a nail filer, buffer, cuticle pusher, alcohol pad, sticky tabs, and glue. 

Do you do custom sets?

-Yes! Please send us a message or email at midahbeautynails@gmail.com with Custom Order Inquiry in the subject and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Are the nails reusable? 

-Yes! Make sure to remove any remaining glue reside before each use. In order to remove and reuse, apply oil to cuticle and soak nails in warm soapy water for 15-30 min. If nails are loose, repeat again.

How do I apply my nails?

-First clean nail with alcohol to remove excess oils. Gently buff the nail to remove the shine and then wipe away excess dust with alcohol pad. A nail dehydrator can also be used. Apply glue or adhesive tabs and firmly apply your press on to alleviate any air bubbles. Refer to the application guide included in your kit.

How long do the nails last?

-They can last anywhere from a few days with sticky tabs or up to 3-4 weeks with glue depending on the nail preparation and how you take care of them. Refer to the application card included in your kit.

Do you offer refunds or accept returns?

-No refunds or returns (due to sanitary reasons) will be accepted unless the order can't be completed. If your order arrives damaged, please email hello@midahbeautynails.com with a picture of your product so we can issue a replacement. Shipping cost may apply.

Do you accept cancellations?

-Cancellations are accepted with the first 24 hours of payment only. Full charge including shipping will be refunded. Please send an email to hello@midahbeautynails.com ASAP or your order will be processed and shipped as we do not accept returns or exchanges.